I was the woman who thought I would always spend my days feeling tired and battling symptoms...

Sound familiar? Now I'm on a mission to help women learn that they don't have to let their symptoms run the show anymore, but they can have the energy they need and want - to be able to keep up with their family, do the work they love, and simply enjoy their life.

I thought it couldn't happen, but with implementing foundational lifestyle habits, I was able to transform my health and start feeling like myself again.

I'm Kensi — an Integrative Health Practitioner. I help women struggling with fatigue start feeling nourished & energized.

After dealing with health challenges of my own that left me discouraged for many years, a passion for health grew. I now love helping others learn they don't have to just accept their symptoms but can feel their best again and truly enjoy life. I saw my life change as I reached my health goals, and I want that for you too!

I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to look this way. I firmly believe that healing is possible, and that we don't have to normalize the symptoms we are feeling.

I know there is a lot of information out in the world that you have to weed through. I mean, you can't go on Instagram without hearing conflicting thoughts around what foods people should or shouldn't be eating or how to do XYZ when it comes to health.

That's where health coaching comes in! I found that in my own journey, when I tried to go about healing my symptoms on my own, I felt even more confused and like I wasted more time and money. But as I cut back on the noise, tuned more into myself with the support of a coach, I was able to take steps forward to start feeling my best and like myself again.

If you are ready to start prioritizing yourself and get to the bottom of your symptoms so you can start feeling your best, then I want to support you along the way.


I see too many people normalizing feeling tired all the time...

Discover how to utilize simple & sustainable habits to support your body. Are you ready to start optimizing your health and restore your energy for good?

Sometimes we make health too complicated, when in reality I think there are two main things we should focus on - and that is on making the body feel safe and making the body feel nourished.

If our body doesn't feel safe and we are constantly in stress mode, we aren't going to be able to find the healing or restore the energy levels we desire.

But if we are able to show the body it is safe, along with nourishment by providing it with the resources it needs, we can start seeing amazing changes in our health, mood, energy levels, and so much more.

This is what I implemented within my own health and what I work with clients on. We do this through foundational habits that come in small steps, which can result in big improvement.

It's time to optimize your health and get you feeling your best again! Are you ready to take steps towards that?

I'm obsessed with . . .

mason jars full of water and mineral drops; sauna sessions with dry brushing; essential oil rollers for stress support

for daily self care

redmond electrolytes; risen motherhood podcast episodes; beautycounter mascara


my family (high school sweetheart and a 3 year old son); hu chocolate bars; non-toxic cleaning products

can't live without













Make a guess.  I love . . .

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If that's you, this guide is here to help remove the stress! I'm sharing some of my favorite healthy choice items from Costco (along with why I buy those items). Happy shopping!

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