I was the woman who thought I would always spend my days battling symptoms & feeling overwhelmed...

Now I'm on a mission to help others feel their best by utilizing quality nutrition and non-toxic living.

I thought it couldn't happen, but with implementing these steps and habits, I was able to transform my health and create a healthy home for my family too.

I'm Kensi — a health coach and healthy living educator. I share about holistic wellness, quality nourishment, motherhood, & non-toxic living.

After dealing with health challenges of my own that left me discouraged for many years, a passion for health grew. I now love helping others take control of their health by learning more and taking steps forward. I saw my life change as I pursued holistic wellness, and I want that for you too. One step at a time, you can make a difference!

I know there is a lot of information out in the world that you have to weed through. I mean, you can't go on Instagram without hearing conflicting thoughts around what foods people should or shouldn't be eating or how to do XYZ when it comes to health.

That's where I come in! I'm here to help you walk through the confusion and become confident in the choices you are making. When we know more, we can feel more confident. When we know better, we can do better.

By digging into healthy living with a holistic approach and small steps at a time, we can learn about the best ways to support our body and create a healthy home.

But when we learn how to take SMALL steps towards healthier living, we can start feeling our best and confident in our decisions

I see too many moms feeling tired, overwhelmed, and confused...

I believe healthy living requires a holistic approach: nutrition & reducing toxins, as well as addressing other areas of health, wellness, and life.

Sometimes health can feel really complicated, but my hope is that I can break it down for you. I do this by sharing daily tips and simple habits that you can implement.

Nutrition (like how to choose better choice ingredients) and non-toxic living (safer products and swaps) are a big piece of this that I love to educate on and help guide others through.

I also love to educate on so many other pieces that fit within health - stress management, our nervous system, sleep, minerals, and so much more.

You can see this holistic approach come through in the information I share on my website, email list, and social media.

Healthy living requires being willing to take steps forward, learn, adjust, and continue on. I hope I can guide and support you in your journey in some way!

I'm obsessed with . . .

mason jars full of water and mineral drops; sauna sessions with dry brushing; essential oil rollers for stress support

for daily self care

redmond electrolytes; risen motherhood podcast episodes; beautycounter mascara


my family (high school sweetheart and a 3 year old son); hu chocolate bars; non-toxic cleaning products

can't live without













Make a guess.  I love . . .

get to know me

Another fact about me - I'm also a Virtual Assistant, supporting creative entrepreneurs in their business!

If you are a business owner (not excluded to only wellness careers) and are looking for support in any of the following areas, I would love to help:

general admin work - social media management - email marketing - client relations, contracts, and communication - pinterest marketing - graphic and content creation - other executive assistant tasks

Learn more about my Virtual Assistant packages and services here or email hello@kensibolkema.com.

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Ready to start using food to support your health but don't know where to start? Tired of the overwhelming options at the grocery store?

If that's you, this guide is here to help remove the stress! I'm sharing some of my favorite healthy choice items from Costco. Happy shopping!

Healthy Shopper's Guide to Costco

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