I love sharing gift guides each year - not to add to the busyness or overwhelm, but instead to simply let you know about quality options out there. I am all about intentional gift-giving, and that reasoning is behind the gifts in this guide.

I have gift guides for women, stocking stuffers/gift exchange, for kids (ages 2-4), and for men. You can find them all on this page, with more information and links. Select the gift guide title below to go to that section on the page.

Again, these guides are for the purpose of sharing options out there, many that are non-toxic, better choice ingredients or health supportive gifts! You can also find Black Friday sale information at the bottom of this page.

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Holiday season is here!





1. HOLIDAY JOY ESSENTIAL OIL // This oil is amazing to freshen the air and create a warm atmosphere for the holiday season

Women's Gift Guide

2. BEAUTYCOUNTER CREAM BLUSH // Clean beauty is important and these stunning colors provide a dewy, smooth finish

3. ORGANO KING REISHI COFFEE // Reishi infused coffee to support health, hormones, and taste.

4. PRIMALLY PURE FACE MASK // Soothing mask with natural ingredients to support your skin health. Use code KENSI.

5. AIR DOCTOR AIR PURIFIER // One of the best air purifiers to help create a clean environment in your home. We love ours, and it's a great investment.

6. STASHER REUSABLE SILICONE BAGS // These are an amazing way to reduce plastic (plastic can leach chemicals which can disrupt our hormones!). They are super quality and work to store SO many things.

7. THRIVE MARKET GIFT CARD // We have been ordering from Thrive for years to stock up on quality pantry items, staples, snacks and more. Giving a gift card is a great idea to help others get started with Thrive Market.

8. BREVILLE STAINLESS STEEL SMART OVEN // This oven is useful for so many things and can help reduce using the microwave (and oven). It's also a stainless steel material, which is a safer cooking material option.

9. LEAPS & REBOUNDS REBOUNDER // This is the rebounder I have that is great for lymphatic support. Starting your day with some bouncing helps get your lymph moving, rather than keeping it stagnant. This can also be used for workouts

10. DOTERRA NON-TOXIC SHAMPOO // The best non-toxic shampoo I've tried! It works well and smells great. Even my husband is a fan!

11. DOTERRA NON-TOXIC CONDITIONER // This goes with #10! Pair it with the shampoo for a fun gift set. The conditioner is really nourishing to the hair and works well.

12. STANLEY 30 OZ CUP // This is one of my favorite purchases lately. The handle makes it super easy and comfortable to use and carry around. The 30oz is also a great size!

13. BEAUTYCOUNTER EYESHADOW HOLIDAY SET // This eye shadow is a holiday limited-edition item. It's powder eye shadow, which Beautycounter doesn't normally carry. A great clean beauty gift item to give to someone!

14. THL SLEEP BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING GLASSES // I recently purchased these glasses to support circadian rhythm and sleep! They block blue light which can impact sleep in the evening when our body is trying to wind down. Bon Charge is another great brand that has more options and other blue light blocking lamps and lights too.

15. BEAUTYCOUNTER VITAMIN C SERUM // The best vitamin C serum! It works well to brighten your face, reduce dark spots, support wrinkles and healthy skin, and a little goes a long way.

1. BEAUTYCOUNTER MASCARA // This is the best non-toxic mascara I've tried! It lengthens and volumnizes so well. I use a little carrier oil to get it off, but it stays on well throughout the day. A fun and useful stocking stuffer idea!

Stocking Stuffers

2. DOTERRA CITRUS BLISS OIL // This oil is forever a favorite for the best citrus aroma. It's a really great diffuser blend that would go over well with most people.

3. LMNT ELECTROLYTE PACKETS // I love electrolytes for replenishment and mineral support. These taste great and could be fun to throw a few packets into a stocking or gift. Great alternative to gatorade or other sports drinks.

4. PRIMALLY PURE FACIAL DRY BRUSH // Dry brushing is great for lymphatic drainage and to get lymph moving. Typically a body dry brush is popular, but Primally Pure also offers a facial dry brush to help reduce swelling and support skin. Use code KENSI for a discount.

5. PRIMALLY PURE DRY SHAMPOO // A great natural and non-toxic dry shampoo that comes in two sizes (has dark or light hair options). A fun friend gift, to add alongside a beauty item or other Christmas gift. Use code KENSI for a discount.

6. BEAUTYCOUNTER CREAM EYESHADOW // These are perfect for the holiday season! They are so easy to use - just swipe on the cream eye shadow and blend with a makeup brush or your finger. These have stunning shades for an easy, simple, but pretty clean beauty look.

7. HU CHOCOLATE // My favorite chocolate brand because of the quality ingredients they use! They also taste great. I get mine from Thrive Market, but they are sold other places. They bring out holiday flavors during this time of year!

1. MAGNETIC PLAY TILES // I love these tiles for open-ended play. My 3 year old son plays with them weekly whether to build a garage for his cars, a house for Little People, towers to see how high they go, and more.

Kid's Gift Guide

2. MELISSA & DOUG BARN & ANIMALS // Another great open-ended toy where kids can play farm and utilize this quality barn. It also comes with some farm animals.

3. KINETIC SAND // This is a great sensory play option. It's much different than normal sand and great for building and play.

4. DINOSAUR PULL AND PLUG MATCHING // These dinosaurs pull apart and plug together, which is great input your child to do those actions. You can make the correct color pieces together.

5. TONGUES OUT GAME // We recently found this game, and it's a fun one! The puppies have colored tongues, which come out when you press on their back. There are game instructions and dice to take turns finding the correct colored pup.

6. TERRA FARM ANIMAL SET // A great option to have animals stocked for independent play for your child to use for any activity! We have the ocean animal set, and there are farm animals, fish, and other related options.

7. ZINGO GAME // This has been a favorite game over this past year. It's great for kids to learn and recognize words and pictures. It's a fun family game option too!

8. BARN FLOOR PUZZLE // Puzzles are great to have on hand and having a large floor puzzle is really fun for toddlers. Our son has done this puzzle many times, and it's a great quiet and learning activity.

9. ROCK & JEWEL FINDING // This can work on some fine motor skills as the point is to hold the rock and use the tools to open up the rock and find the jewel inside. It's a fun surprise and fun activity to have on hand.

10. DOTERRA TRAIN DIFFUSER // This is a limited-edition diffuser option during the holiday season. It's super cute and diffuses out of the train. There is also a button for kids to push for a train sound :)

11. PLAY STEPPING STONES // This is great for winter time when kids are indoors more. Setting these up for kids to get movement in by walking from step to step. We have similar stepping stones and create obstacle courses with them a lot.

1. BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING READING LAMP // This lamp emits red light and is devoid of blue light making it the perfect lamp for after dark use so to not disrupt sleep! It has three brightness settings and adjustable stem.

Men's Gift Guide

2. ATOMIC HABITS BOOK // My husband is always looking for another book to read, and this is a great book recommended by many to help support building strong habits.

3. DOTERRA MIDNIGHT AFTERSHAVE // With a great foresty aroma, it supports skin hydration and smoothness. It's a lightweight, non-greasy formula. It launches in a few weeks!

4. ROYAL MUSHROOM COFFEE PACKETS // Coffee infused with a mix of mushrooms (reishi, cordyceps, lion's mane). These mushrooms have many studies done on them for reducing inflammation, stress, energy, and focus.

5. PRIMALLY PURE CHARCOAL DEODORANT // A great non-toxic option to help the man in your love make a healthy swap. It's charcoal and a best-selling item for Primally Pure. Use code KENSI for a discount.

6. PICKLEBALL ELECTROLYTE DRINK MIX // A great electrolyte mix with quality ingredients and great minerals - sodium, magnesium, and specifically potassium. Great to help maintain proper fluid balance within your cells and promote healthy energy levels. Use code KENSI for a discount.

7. EQUIP VANILLA PROTEIN POWDER // My favorite protein powder because it's made with beef isolate - super clean ingredients, great source of protein, and easier to digest. Vanilla and chocolate are favorite flavors of ours!

8. THERASAGE INFRARED SAUNA // A higher priced gift but SO helpful for overall health. We love what the sauna has to offer and love using it for wellness and detox, especially during the cold weather months


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