9 week program where we dive into utilizing quality nutrition and other foundational habits and routines to nourish your body, boost your mood, and restore your energy for good.

1:1 Health Coaching with Kensi



Together we'll take a holistic approach to work through different lifestyle challenges and changes to get you feeling your best again. As we implement these things, your afternoons will no longer be negatively impacted by the dreaded afternoon slump. You won't have to rely on coffee just to get you through the day. We'll trade in the mood swings, brain fog, and fatigue for feelings of being energized, nourished, and vibrant.

Working with a coach can provide you with the support, encouragement, and guidance needed as you take steps towards your health goals. No more trying to figure it out on your own, leading to more fatigue and overwhelm. Are you ready? I would love to be a part of your journey!

i see you...

You're tired of feeling tired and of how your low energy impacts your daily life.

While there will be a focus on nutrition, food isn't the only important thing to look at. Health is holistic, and we will touch on many other connected areas of health and life (such as sleep, stress, the nervous system, mindset, and more).


My focus for nutrition has a lot more to do with balance than counting calories. Emphasizing whole foods and balanced meals is a big deal around here. Food has the ability to heal, and I want to help you learn how to utilize it - no calorie counting needed.


We are all bio-individual and what works for someone else may not work for you - and that's okay! Your wellness plan is tailored and adjusted according to your personal goals and circumstances.


3 Ways My Approach is Different...

More awareness to self, body, and daily habits

Results my clients see...

Improved energy levels and mood throughout the day

Confidence in supporting their body with quality meals and snacks

Feeling nourished and like they are supporting their body in the way it needs

Learn to trust your body and give it the support it needs!

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Becoming aware of our body, habits, and lifestyle can be so empowering! Learn to tune into your body and self as we work towards your health goals.

Learn to feel empowered in having awareness of your body and implementing new habits.

feel empowered

We'll work together to implement habits that support giving your body the resources it needs to feel fully supported.

Learn how to care for your body and make it feel safe and nourished.

feel nourished

+ 9 week package of 1:1 coaching
+ One 75-90 minute in-depth initial consult call
+ Three 30-minute follow-up consultations (every 3 weeks)
+ Unlimited instant messaging support through Practice Better
+ Email support as needed
+ Shared wellness plan with lifestyle and nutrition recommendations, along with supplement education
+ Client exclusive resources for more support (sample meal plan, healthy shopping list, etc.)

what's included

Our coaching calls happen over Zoom. We meet every 3 weeks, starting with an initial consult call to kick things off.

Private Health Coaching


You have unlimited access to message me via Practice Better (or email) with questions that may arise between your appointments.


After your initial consultation, I will send over your wellness plan with recommendations and education regarding nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements.


Frequent coaching sessions to offer continued support. Your initial consult will involve going over your intake forms and discussing action steps.

9 Weeks of
1:1 coaching

What coaching is like...

What would it be like if your life felt as good on the inside as it *looks* on Instagram? 

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